Children’s Book Writing One Day Intensive

I took a one day intensive on Children’s Book Writing taught by Michael Leviton and it was a great! I learned about children’s books and got some delicious hot chocolate.

20140124_114409It was fun seeing how some aspects of writing children’s books remind me of screenwriting. Obviously storytelling in general follows similar patterns of introductions, inciting incidents, rising and falling actions, a climax, and a conclusion, but children’s books–specifically picture books–have some similarities with dramatic writing.

Read more at our Gotham Writers Intern blog: Children’s Book Writing One Day Intensive.

Taking the class, and seeing others interested in writing children’s books, kind of led up to me deciding to write this blog. Taking the class, loving my favorite books as a kid, and trying to decide what kinds of writing I want to do are all reasons why this blog exists and why I hope to continue keeping it up, despite having a million and one other things to do. If you have an opportunity to take Gotham Writers Workshop classes, do it. They have online classes too!

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